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Miranda Lambert Miranda Lambert


A singer songwriter from Texas and acts like one. She has been playing and writing professionally since she was 17. No matter what she is singing, she wants to say something that makes people think. She wants people to hear her songs and feel something. She wants to be appreciated as someone whose music is REAL.
She usually says exactly what she thinks, which gets her in trouble most of the time. She loves touring with her band but misses home. She has a house on the lake in the country next to her parents. They are an extremely close family. She has one brother Luke. He's the cool one in the family. Her parents are pretty cool too and when they're not helping her they are private investigators. She has a black lab named Dixie and she's 2.
When she is not touring she loves: Riding her four wheeler, playing with the dogs , listening to music, picken' on the porch with family and friends, eating- SHE LOVES to eat so She has to work out, which she doesn't love! She also love to hunt and camp and just about anything outside.

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